About Us

The Matglow Project

Matglow was created from the experience collected by its partners over many years. Companies’ innovation departments aren’t always dedicated exclusively to R&D activities, and are often even seen as another expense instead of an investment.
Pure R&D departments are heavy structures that require highly qualified and experienced equipment and resources. This makes it difficult to integrate R&D departments in the Portuguese business media, which is mainly dominated by SMEs.
The idea of creating a team that develops and accumulates knowledge in several areas is born applying them to the service of not one but of several organizations, diluting their structural cost.
In this way, Matglow develops its own projects and projects for customers.

Matglow is the first and only company focused exclusively on integrating optic radiation(UV, visible and IR) and responsive technology in different materials.

Our technical and scientific teams are highly specialized in optics, electronics, mechanics and design. Our solutions comply with the highest standards of technological innovation: true intelligent materials.

The materials we develop have a wide range of applications, such as floors, coverings, furniture, decorative or functional objects, signage, security, health,sanitation, agriculture … Or, in fact, any application that our customers can imagine!

Our teams combine scientific and technical knowhow with the best luxury design standards in the world, in a perfect symbiosis between materials and design. We elevate technology and engineering by creating, developing and promoting brands, services and products with high added value. Our eclectic solutions transform spaces and put us at the forefront of innovation.

We offer our customers and partners an unparalleled level of innovation, exclusivity and customization, as well as a follow-up service adapted to the production process that allows our customers to participate actively in the development of each project.